The Goood Things - The Goood Things EP (33 Records) 
The Goood Things - The Goood Things EP

Do not adjust your sets people. Tokyo crazies The Goood Things decided that things were clearly so good that they needed an extra 'o' and who are we to question their decision? Nobody, that's who. This EP from the popular beat combo kicks off with  'She Called Me Baby' kicks off with the laid back, West coast beach grooves of Weezer or the Lemonheads as well as being slightly reminiscent of the hugely underrated Holy City Rollers. 'Back Porch' has a lo-fi, low-slung feel that is part slacker and part life of the party with its rolling bass line and bouncing guitars that make me want to put on a Hawaiian shirt and dance on the beach as the sun goes down. There's an almost Mersey beat feel to the organ slathered 'Here I Come' but the vocal delivery is more like something Cake would come up with. Final track 'Save The Day' is a perky indie-pop number with a slightly sleazy edge that makes it slightly more grown up than your average bouncy, guitar based ditty but without losing its sense of fun. The more I hear from the Tokyo scene the more I want to check out the bars and clubs where the guitars rattle, the basses roll and the drums beat out like a call to arms. And I want The Goood Things to be there keeping the crowd bopping and the beer flowing.

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