Tuesday, 16 September 2014


The Exhibition - Carry To The End 
The Exhibition - Carry To The End

Barnsley boys the Exhibition are unleashing their new EP, 'Carry To The End', on an unsuspecting public so I thought it was my moral duty to warn of what you should expect. You can thank me later. The dark, Interpol-esque tones of 'Artery' starts things up with Tarantino guitars and the kind of malevolence that the Cooper Temple Clause had in their prime. 'Here I Begin' is more of a morose, self pitying tune which gradually develops a groove and swaggers with subtlety in the way you might expect Franz Ferdinand or Editors to. A little known fact about LWM is that we don't have much time for the Smiths which is a shame for the Exhibition because 'Starting Over' sounds like a particularly dull song by Morrisey and co. Closing and title track 'Carry To The End' is a quiet, dead of night song that is reminiscent of Ultravox at their 80s best. If you like your music with a miserable side and a sense of the dramatic then these guys might just be up your street. A street that features no street parties.....ever.

More information: http://www.the-exhibition.co.uk/ 

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