Souvenir Stand - Fall (Beautiful Strange) 
Souvenir Stand - Fall

Release Date: 29th September 2014

Souvenir Stand, for those that missed my earlier proclamations of genius, is the brain child of a New Yorker by the name of Stephanie and really is something you should pay attention to. This latest single, 'Fall', is a gentle, lilting tune inspired by Motown, Phil Spector and also 90s pop-soul to make a hugely infectious tune. Stephanie's voice is saccharine sweet but dripping in remorse and sadness as the guitars twang around impishly atop the luxuriant keys and deep horn parps. I love the music of Souvenir Stand but, more to the point, I love what Stephanie does with a song - she puts soul and pop in to everything she does. A rare talent these days.

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