Seatraffic - Man On The Coast (Seatracks) 
Seatraffic - Man On The Coast

Release Date: 9th September 2014

Electro-pop duo Seatraffic have new single 'Man On The Coast' ready for your enjoyment so strap yourself in and put the periscope up. The pair of San Francisco residents have created an 80s inspired number with big, throbbing synth bass lines and electronic melodies dancing over the top like twilight fairies with mischief in their hearts. There's a sparse breakdown in the middle where the vocals get particularly haunting and dramatic but generally the vibe is of a more positive Depeche Mode meeting Simple Minds at a nightclub where LCD Soundsystem is DJing. Not what I expected to come out of coastal San Francisco as this has more of an urban sound but it's utterly gorgeous nonetheless.

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14th September - Living Labyrinth, San Francisco w/A Million Billion Dying Suns + Foli