School - So Long (Luxury) 
School - So Long

Release Date: 1st September 2014

It seems fitting as hundreds and thousands terrified children return to school this week that I find myself reviewing a Swedish band called School. It's the name School that's fitting, not the fact the they're from Sweden...just in case you were confused. New single 'So Long' was apparently penned on a receipt on the way home from IKEA which is possibly the most middle-class start to a song but I'm prepared to give it a chance. An insistent beat introduces the song before a dreamy vocal melody starts to drift whimsically across a pulsing bass line that is straight from an 80s indie tune - let's say something by the Cure for the sake of argument. In fact there is a classic feel to this with the tight, thin sounding drums and low slung sounding bass that Peter Hook would be proud of. Perfect for dancing awkwardly to at an indie disco.

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