Pet Sun - Feel Like I'm Going Away 
Pet Sun - Feel Like I'm Going Away

Release Date: 27th September 2014

These bums are from Hamilton in Canada (is there another Hamilton? Did I need to define that with a country?) and they describe themselves as Psychedelic Sandwich. Go figure. This new single and the accompanying video for 'Feel Like I'm Going Away' is, admittedly, a little bit bonkers with the video looking like an interlude from an episode of the Mighty Boosh. Musically, this is a mess of jangly, distorted guitars, clattering drums and drawled, Evan Dando-esque vocals. This is a lot of fun and would probably be a huge load more fun in a small, dark, sweaty venue with a pack crowd and the speakers turned up to 11.

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25th September - The Phoenix Theatre, Toronto w/The King Khan & BBQ Show + The Black Lips