Paddy Clegg - Dancing Shoes (Twin City Records) 
Paddy Clegg - Dancing Shoes

Release Date: 8th September 2014

Paddy Clegg is a 17 year old lad from Liverpool with a quiff and an acoustic guitar hanging from his shoulders. The comparison to a young John Lennon is strong, for sure, but young Clegg has his own path to follow. 'Dancing Shoes' is an up-tempo number that probably owes more to Jake Bugg and Paolo Nutini than Lennon which will probably appeal to more kids on the airwaves today. The lively acoustic strumming is matched by the thrusting horns and impassioned vocals to make for a song that perfectly lives up to its title. Like I said, Clegg has his own path to follow and on this evidence he'll be dancing down that path in a pair of worn leather boots with a smile on a his face and a twinkle in his eye.

More information:

6th September - Single Launch @ The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool