Sunday, 28 September 2014


Molly Cale - Sweetheart 
Molly Cale - Sweetheart

I don't get many classically trained flautists come my way but Molly Cale is just that and she certainly knows a thing or two about music. The Stoke-On-Trent born musician has the charmingly titled 'Sweetheart' ready for you as a musical calling card and it starts with a gentle, Sunday afternoon piano riff with a jazzy, soulful bent. The tune then develops in to a light, reggae rhythm which doesn't quite have the soul or swing to cut it as a full blown ragga tune. There's no denying that there's some fine musicianship in this song and some slick composing as you might expect but there is a certain passion, edge or grit missing from this tune that would have made it a real contender  on the indie-pop scene. There's better to come though, I hope.

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