Mighty Oaks - Brother EP 
Mighty Oaks - Brother EP

A German, a Brit and an American walk in to a bar in Berlin. They pick up their instruments and makes organically gravel toned indie-folk which should get huge acclaim and following. No, it's not a joke (largely because it's not funny), this is actually the true story of how Berlin based trio Mighty Oaks came to be and this new EP is the powerful punch line. 'Brother' opens up proceedings with a sound that is somewhere between Mumford & Sons and Passengers which is the main reason I think they have a chance at broad, mainstream popularity in the no to distant future. On the other hand, 'Just One Day' is a mellower, more muted affair but still with a recognisable folk chug and gypsy rhythm. There is a smoky, wood fired pub vibe to 'The Great Northwest' while 'Shells' has more of a country twang full of wistful regret and remorse like an old cowboy looking back on the teams he put his cows first instead of his woman....until the day he came to find her gone. The EP finishes up with 'Back To You' which has a Brother & Bones spirit inside it although it never quite hits the same dramatic power levels. These guys have got a lot going for them, not least their songs, but I just hope they get the chance to play those songs to a big enough audience. They at least deserve that.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/mightyoaksmusic

Live Dates:

25th November - Oslo, London
26th November - Soup Kitchen, Manchester

28th November - Coalition, Brighton