Knuckle - This Week's Been Hell 
Knuckle - This Week's Been Hell

Release Date: 14th September 2014

Great name. Great artwork. Good start. First song is called 'Knuckle Shuffle'. Better start. First song is a scuzzy, distorted Blues stomp that swaggers like the Black Keys and steals your woman like Brown Brogues. Even better start. By the time I get to 'Apocalyptic Kiss' this Huddersfield duo have completely won me over as manage to combine Black Sabbath's wail, Led Zepplin's huge wall of guitars and the Doors' sense of Jazz noodling. As well as being an awesome title, 'Hand Grenade For A Heart' is a ramshackle piece of rock'n'roll fun that hits you between the eyes and then between the balls....if you're lucky enough to have balls far enough apart.

These guys are freaking me out with how much fun they're having on this record, it's almost criminal but if it's a crime to have this much fun then lock me up but put me in a cell well away from these guys. 'Ejector Seat' starts with a Lou Reed sense of cool before totally losing its shit and howling at the moon as the guitars chug and the drums thud with all the grace of a monster truck. On 'Bad Brains' the pair get slick-as-fuck, channelling those Black Keys guitars and 'Living Hell' closes things up with a damn sexy low slung guitar riff and distorted vocals - all that's missing is some mirrored aviator shades and a tooth pick hanging from the corner of its mouth. There are 101 duos rocking out without a care in the world at the moment but Knuckle have to be one of the best. No diggity.

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Live Dates:

13th September - Long Division Festival, Wakefield
15th September - Zephyr, Huddersfield w/Go!Zilla
17th September - Oporto, Leeds w/Go!Zilla
20th September - Instore Acoustic at Wah Wah Records, Wakefield

27th September - The Woolpack, York