Jungle Doctors - The Sea And The Rain 
Jungle Doctors - The Sea And The Rain

Release Date: 12th September 2014

Teddington boys Jungle Doctors are back with another single for your ears so listen up bitches! Sorry, that was way more camp hip-hop than I intended. Anyway, 'The Sea And The Rain' is an immediately powerful indie romp with an underlying pop edge. For fans of Catfish & The Bottlemen, the Kooks and early Razorlight this will be a new band to fall in love with and get all giddy over. The keyboard melody that runs through the middle of this tune gives this a slightly 80s tinge which just adds to the joy and natural bounce of the song. Classic indie-pop fun, then.

More information: http://www.jungledoctors.com/

Live Dates:

11th September - Upstairs @ The Garage, London w/Litsoma