Gangs - Back To School EP 
Gangs - Back To School EP

Release Date: 6th October

Look at them. Four lads from Dublin with faces only their mothers could love. Still, since when have good lucks had anything to do with rock'n'roll success? I mean, Shane McGown was fuck ugly and he had huge success while these guys aren't anywhere near that bad. Anyway, the music. This new EP from the Irish quartet kicks off with 'Daisy', an indie rock love tune that owes as much to the Jam and the Kinks as it does to the Kaiser Chiefs and the Courteeners. 'Young Employment' starts off like a Killers tune, all choppy guitars and swaggering vocals, before showing it's Britpop influences proudly. Title track 'Back To School' is not an attempt to soundtrack those patronising school uniform adverts that supermarkets do in about July before the poor kids have even had a holiday. No, it's more of a Weller-meets-Strummer indie-punk blast of noise that the Pigeon Detectives tried to achieve and never quite managed. 'Poison In Your Liffey Blood' is the closing track which switches between being an indie ballad worthy of The Verve and a steady, relentless rhythm with something of big Brucey Springsteen about it. These guys are either indie also-rans or potential stars and it will all come down to how many gigs they do and whether one of their songs makes the leap in to the mainstream - my money's on 'Daisy'.

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10th September - The Black Heart, London