Dee Sada - Bells And Ships And Songs (Tip Top Records) 
Dee Sada - Bells & Ships & Songs

Release Date: 22nd September 2014

Here is a lady with a sweet, soothing voice that is entirely captivating and enthralling. Dee Sada is a London based solo artist who has had her fingers in a number of musical pies but is going it alone with new single 'Bells And Ships And Songs', a precursor to a forthcoming EP. A solitary, lonely guitar melody chimes out in a dark corner of an abandoned Victorian musical hall with all the warmth of an heir to the thrown kicking a tramp. But then there's that voice. Dee Sada has a voice that is so enveloping, so warm and inviting that it makes up for the coldness of the guitar in spades. And that's the whole story. Cold guitars, warm vocals and an elemental battle as old as time. Pure brilliance.

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