Friday, 12 September 2014


1 In Five - Hold On EP 
1 In Five - Hold On EP

Brighton lads 1 in Five are very particular about how you write their name and use their logo which is no bad thing but I hope they've paid as much attention to their music otherwise it will be time badly spent. The opening track on this EP, 'Something On The Water' starts with some muddy, metal inspired guitars and the kind of vocals you might expect to come from the back of a flat bed truck at a real ale festival in Herefordshire. 'Black Lake' has an a cappella start that slides effortlessly in to a groove that is somewhere between the Doors and the Eagles with a hint of Deep Purple about it which is no bad thing. The air-raid siren that heralds the oncoming onslaught that is 'Hold On' is pure English Metal in the vein of Iron Maiden although the tune itself is a little laboured on the melody front. The four track collection closes with 'Lullaby' featuring some great organ work which revisits the band's Doors side as well as exploring some Prog tendencies. All in all this is a fairly underwhelming EP but there are glimmers of creativity when they take inspiration from their more experimental and progressive side rather than the dad-metal side.

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