Tonight We Fly - Sum EP (Foof Records) 
Tonight We Fly - Sum EP

Chaps. Chaps from Bath. That's what Tonight We Fly. Chaps from Bath. Oh, and they make music. The music that they make is on the intense side of the indie spectrum but with a sense of energy that is quite infectious. This EP opens with 'Careworn' all full of rattling, rumbling drums and an infectious melancholy bounce that puts me in mind of Futureheads and Maximo Park. 'Highs' is pitched somewhere between a country ballad and a sea shanty lament with some gently rolling guitar notes and delicate percussion that builds subtly, almost the opposite of love at first sight.

There is a ramshackle, high speed jangle to 'Wallet' that  gives me the impression that their live shows must be a melee of arms, legs, wide eyes and sweat. Buckets of sweat. Final track 'Allergy' has a gorgeous slapped bass line and an up tempo feel that I have only recently experienced with the band Crowns who are in my top 10 live bands of the last year. Tonight We Fly have a particularly infectious sound and energy that is something to behold and I would recommend that you get yourself down to a show to drink in some of that energy. And sweat.

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