Tim Dawn - She (in2itiv Records) 
Tim Dawn - She

It's been a while since much Dutch music has crossed my path but I've only ever met one Dutch person I don't like so I'm always keen to hear the fruits of their labours. Tim Dawn are a quartet from Utrecht making music in the vein of Passenger or Mumford & Sons full of jangly acoustic guitars, close vocal harmonies and rattling tambourines. There are some Irish folk tinges to 'She' in an uplifting kind of way and the song builds steadily to a crescendo of yelps and whoops all bouncing along on top of the light acoustic strum. Perfectly likeable and a pleasure to be around - just like the Dutch people in general.....apart from that one.....ooh she was a misery....

More information: www.facebook.com/timdawnmusic

Live Dates:

20th September - IBB Fest, Utrecht