The Emsee - Rap Squared 
The Emsee - Rap Squared

OK, holding my hands up here, this is not an area that I have a deep knowledge of but, nevertheless, I am impressed by Ontario rapper The Emsee (aka Matthew Cathcart). My instant go to point is Eminem (and not just because The Emsee is a white rapper - he's not Vanilla Ice for Christ's sake) but there is a calmness, a slickness to 'Rap Squared' that is enthralling. To me, good rap is a clever use of language set to an infectious beat with a simple melody that lets the words do the talking and 'Rap Squared' is just that. Self referential lyrics set to a simple yet eery piano riff give this song menace and intrigue in equal measure - definitely more appealing than the current propensity for rapping about guns/bitches/money/bling. Told you, not my area of expertise but that doesn't stop me from liking it.

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