The Effect -Running With The Wolves 
The Effect - Running With The Wolves

Don't ask me why but from the name alone I expected Swansea boys The Effect to be an 80s inspired electro band when they are actually placed somewhere between Linkin Park,  Biffy Clyro and, whisper it, Lostprophets. The opening track of this EP is the anthemic and uplifting 'Running With Wolves' which is stuffed full of chiming guitars, blitzkrieg drums and the kind of vocals I love to hear on heavier records - impassioned but clear. 'Souvenir' has a more stadium rock feel to it as the guitar melody rings out loud and clear for the throbbing masses to pump fists in the air along to. By the time we get to 'Ghosts', the midpoint of the EP, things drop down a level as the quartet do the obligatory rock ballad thing and you get the feeling that these guys would go down an absolute storm stateside.

'These Hands Are Made For Hunting' is an ominously titled track but there's no avoiding the punchy, infectious pop-punk-rock that could easily be a Feeder tune. The EP finishes with a storming 6 minute tune in the shape of 'Fate, You Are My Prisoner' which begins with some mellow guitars a la the XX and does the atmospheric thing extremely will before going all Biffy about half way through and, once again, the festival crowds should go mad for this. I keep reading about how British rock music is dead but I just think people aren't looking or listening in the right areas. They could do a lot worse than starting in Swansea with The Effect.

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