No Need For Parachutes - Acro // Evade EP 
No Need For Parachutes - Acro // Evade

Leeds and Doncaster have conspired to spawn this rock behemoth, like a couple of rock'n'roll parents having a baby following angry sex on a black leather sofa. These four lads make a racket and a half with opening track 'In Your Head' sounding like a turbo driven version of Foo Fighters' 'White Limo' with monster truck tyres. Then 'Basecamp' comes along all snarling and spitting like a speed metal version of Nirvana at their grungy best. Title track 'Acro Evade' has a Red Hot Chili Peppers feel to it before the guitars get turned up to 11.5 and the drums get beaten to within an inch of their lives.

On 'Not For Too Long' go for full on, balls to the wall, power chords that could move boulders and should be performed on top of some rocky outcrop in the Grand Canyon before dropping down to an intimate, Brian Molko verse. The EP closes with 'Trojan Horse' which is either a reference to Greek mythology or safe sex for Red Rum. Either way, it's a beast of a song with Reuben-esque riffs and an awkward sense of confidence. Leeds seem to be the home of British rock at the moment and when it's this good I don't hear anyone complaining....largely because the guitars are so loud.

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