Morakoza - Society 
Morakoza - Society

Mississauga. Mississauga. Miss-iss-au-ga. Say it however many times you like, it still sounds funny. Anyway, the point is that's where Morakoza are from and the band have a new EP ready for your enjoyment. 'Cold' is the track that opens up this collection and instantly you get a feel for the chilled out, rock-meets-rap music that these guys create which has a real touch of class to it. There is a short interlude featuring some guitars and a voicemail before 'Pistonhead' comes over the horizon like Gorillaz with a darker side or Rage Against The Machine with a more British feel. This is a song that flirts with the listener constantly taking you to the edge and then sashaying away seductively with a wink and a pout over the shoulder. On 'Polaroid Drawer' Morakoza take a more standard approach to songwriting with a gritty indie feel to the song that can only have been inspired by the Smiths. Final track 'Backseat' starts with the kind of beat Portishead would have created in the 80s beneath some weirdly Hawaiin sounding guitars and a hauntingly beautiful vocals. And this pretty much sums up Morakoza for me - just when you think you've got them sussed they come up with something different, something fresh and something utterly refreshing.

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22nd August - Private House Show, Mississauga

29th August - Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph