Malka - Into The Night 
Malka - Into The Night

Regular readers of Listen With Monger will have noticed that I often reference the much missed 6  Day Riot with positivity and a dewy eye. Well sing it from the roof tops and sound the church bells for Tamara Schlesinger, the voice, brains and - dare I say it - the beauty behind 6 Day Riot is back with a new project under the title Malka. 'Into The Night' is the first release from this project and it is definitely a different direction for the Scottish songstress. Schlesinger's voice is recognisable but the music and melodies are more in the vein of Kimbra and Bat For Lashes than the folkish leanings of previous projects. There is a subdued euphoria to this tune like being the first one downstairs on Christmas Day and seeing that Santa has been before anyone else has even started to stir. This will be a slow burn of a project as the writing process continues methodically, just as it should, but if the results are this good then it's worth waiting for.

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