Lowpines - Unfucktheworld 
Lowpines - Unfucktheworld

Now, I'm not normally one to drop names but I'm fairly certain I hung out with Lowpines (aka Oli Deakin) years ago and had a few drinks with him. Nothing extraordinary about that I suppose but I do like those brushes of normality with people that have a certain special something about the way they've been put together. This latest release from the London-ite is a cover of Angel Olsen's 'Unfucktheworld' and it is, well, it's bleak. But bleak in a beautiful way. Deakin's soft, whispered vocal dances a dreamlike waltz with the muted guitar work and misty, early morning harmonies. Sure, this might be someone else's song but Lowpines own it, of that there is no doubt.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/lowpinesUK/info

Listen/Download Here: https://soundcloud.com/lowpines/unfucktheworld-lowpines-version

Live Dates:

1st September - Cafe Oto, London w/Alice Boman + Hey Elbow