Lovestarrs - Life Is A Bitch 
Lovestarrs - Life Is A Bitch

Now I've gone on record as saying I adore Lovestarrs and I'm not changing my position on that but this is a slightly different direction for the London trio. 'Life Is A Bitch' is the lead single from the band's forthcoming and manages to fuse Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding and Flight Of The Conchords in to some sort of pop based poke at the Sod's Law approach to life. There is a beautifully dry, English wit to this song which goes beautifully with the light and bouncy pop melody that could so easily pop up on E4 Music in between Eliza Doolittle and whoever Simon Cowell created last week in his lab. It's not the best thing Lovestarrs have ever created and they'll do better in the future but for the time being this should keep you going.

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Live Dates:

27th August - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London

27th September - Heaven Up Here, Stockholm