Kobadelta - Remain Distracted 
Kobadelta - Remain Distracted

Release Date: 26th September 2014

Since I have started this blog there have been a few bands that have popped up from time to time and maintained an excellent quality of music without ever achieving the acclaim or broader success that they deserve. Newcastle quintet Kobadelta are one such band. This new EP from the lads is another storming collection of songs and kicks off with 'Siam', a song full of pulsing bass lines, hypnotic guitars and menacing vocals all peppered with Keith Moon drumming and a healthy dose of feedback. 'Repetition' is up next and this is a full on, leather clad, dark glasses wearing, whisky swigging, cigarette smoking rock'n'roll song. We're talking Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Primal Scream, the Stooges and My Bloody Valentine all rolled in to a sexy, testosterone fuelled explosion of excess - not a song you'd take home to meet your parents, that's for sure.

The second half of the EP continues with 'They Can't Hurt Me' which is pitched somewhere between Space and Lou Reed and again the bass line purrs as the guitars flit around like newly awakened wasps full of disorientation and latent menace. As the EP comes to a close we are treated to the undeniably epic 'The Heretic' which should be wearing cowboy boots and spurrs. Possibly the single dirtiest scuzzball riff crackles through my speakers as the sneer vocals snake through the air and you're instantly transported to the early hours insanity of a 70s serial killer on a massive come down in a blood spattered basement. This is darkly seductive stuff and maybe that's why it's never quite gained the mainstream credit it deserves  but, then again, music like this thrives in the shadows and the gutters not on the luridly neon E4 music slot just before Hollyoaks.

Footnote: Allusondrugs are another one of those reliably great new bands so please check out both bands on the double bill on 14th September if you can. I wish I could...

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Kobadelta/info

Live Dates:

31st August - The Boiler Shop, Newcastle-upon-Tyne w/The Temperance Movement
5th September - The Prince Alice, Middlesbrough
14th September - Think Tank?, Newcastle-upon-Tyne w/Allusondrugs
26th September -EP Launch @ Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne w/Goy Boy McIlroy + Schultz + Wake
23rd October - Independent, Sunderland

30th October - Mink Bar, Middlesbrough