Jimmy & The Revolvers - Whistle For My Love 
Jimmy & The Revolvers - Whistle For My Love

Release Date: 4th August 2014

Every few years Liverpool spits out a band that remind you how much fun Merseybeat was and they find their way in to the ears and hearts of enough people to sustain a career. It happened with the La's, Cast, Space and the Zutons who all had their own twist on the theme but now it's the turn of Jimmy & The Revolvers. The Liverpudlian quartet's new single, 'Whistle For My Love', takes Merseybeat and that thin, scouse vocal that we are all so familiar with but gives it a Mariachi spin which makes for an addictive song and the temptation to get up and dance. The subtle horns layered atop the tight acoustic strumming and gently percussive drumming make for a genuinely original take on a well worn genre which, I must admit, I wasn't expecting. Well played lads.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jimmyandtherevolvers?fref=ts 


  1. Great review for Jimmy and the Revolvers latest release... Check it out!


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