Jessica Chase - Coming Down EP (Wax Records) 
Jessica Chase - Coming Down EP

Jessica Chase is a Toronto popstar in the making (note to self, Toronto Popstar is a great band name....or sex move) and given the way the music world is going these days I reckon she might just get somewhere with this music. This seven track EP opens with 'The Only One' and immediately you can sense the dubby, atmospheric, jittery pop that the likes of Disclosure have been producing to such great acclaim recently. 'Heaven Won't Change' is a lighter, more positive vibe with elements of Ellie Goulding and Lily Allen in her softer moments running through the attitude of the song as well as within the breathy vocals. By the time we reach 'Long Haul Baby' it's evident that Chase has the potential to mix it with the heavy weights of the current lady-pop scene like Lana Del Rey and Lordes.

My stand out track for the EP is 'Child's Play' which has a sparse coolness that Kimbra, Tori Amos or Kate Bush would be proud of as well as the pop savvy of Katy Perry and that's a hard balance to strike. On 'We Are An Arrow' there is evidence of Chase's darker, sexier side while 'Afraid Of The Dark' is a full on pop romp with a late 80s vibe that demands a video filmed in a convertible driving up the strip at night (it also sounds quite a lot like Perry's 'Teenage Dream' but that's OK with me). The EP closes with the contemporarily titled 'God Made Lana Del Rey' which has a lone piano track beautifully allowing our heroine's voice to shine in the space created by the piano. All that's missing from this EP is a big pop anthem to propel her in to the limelight of the mainstream.

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