James McKean & The Blueberry Moon - The Redeemer 
James McKean & The Blueberry Moon - The Redeemer

I can't work out if the artwork for this single is wonderfully simplistic or just the lazy scribblings of some lethargic Dylan Moran meets Pete Doherty character. Either way, it's only the book cover so I won't judge the 'book' itself on this work alone but will turn that first page and see what the story is about. Title track 'The Redeemer' is a shuffling, rambling bar crawl of a song that is hooked on gently lurching guitars, subtle rhythms and some nudging organs chords to create a sound somewhere between Nick Cave and Marmaduke Dando. 'Black Sheep Boy' features Tim Hardin and sounds like David Kitt singing from the back of a wagon as it rolls, jerking over uneven terrain, westward to new dreams and exotic landscapes. The final track of the three, 'Tomorrow Never Comes', is wistful and gentle as the Cash-esque bass line softly urges the song forward and the guitar ripples like a breeze through evergreen trees on a misty morning. This is gorgeously but largely subdued music that is made for lazy days on which you fall in love and go for walks in the late summer sun. Bliss.

More information: http://nopeaceforthewicked.wordpress.com/

Listen/Free Download: http://theblueberrymoon.bandcamp.com/