Garrison Creek - The Persian Rug Sessions 
Garrison Creek - The Persian Rug Sessions

Garrison Creek is the wonderful name given to five lads from Toronto who, according to Facebook, are singularly influenced by the late, great Ray Charles. There is certainly a jazzy feel to opening track 'The Pulse' with its scatter gun drums, itchy guitars and soothing sax. 'Momentary Mastermind' is a slow grind that drags a little but there is a certain gentle swing to it that appeals while 'Cuff My Hands' has a little more life as it concentrates on the sketchy 90s indie side of their game.

There is a certain resigned malevolence to 'Windsor Hotel' which has a certain raggedy charm before 'Immortal Pavement' returns to the jazz influenced indie which is somewhere between the Zutons and Zappa in the great spectrum of rock. Final track 'Rewind' is the most jazz influenced track of the whole collection but there's also a hint of Ben Folds Five about it which I am always in favour of. There isn't a great deal that grabs my by the balls or the heart strings about this EP but there is something about it that suggests there might be more to come. I'll keep an eye on them and let you know how it goes...

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