Elstow - As The Sun Falls 
Elstow - As The Sun Falls

Release Date: 15th August 2014

Sydney quintet Elstow's new EP is a dreamy, folk infused collection of songs with more than one foot in the past heyday of the folk and the hippy movement. The EP opens with the sombre, misty tones of 'Hope, The Island' which is full of beautiful close vocal harmonies and gentle, undulating acoustic strumming interwoven with delicate organ melodies. 'Elderflower Bloom' is the next song up and, rather than being the name of a child of the revolution, it is in fact a thing of subtle beauty gently nudged along but a simple beat and full of regret at the point of something ending. There is a bit more bite to 'Turning Images' with more than a touch of the Fleetwood Macs about it as those male/female vocals intertwine superbly.

The versatility of the band shines through on 'Dust' as the wild west strum floats beautifully across a sun dappled corn field as a woman wearing a floaty summer dress walks aimlessly through the afternoon breeze. 'Fading' closes the EP with a delicate flourish as some gentle picking keeps those harmonies company in a dark, candlelit room at the end of the evening. This is not music to headbang to or that is likely cause a riot but if you want music to lose yourself to then Elstow might just be the band for you. Perfect stuff for the end of summer.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/elstowband

Listen/Download Here: http://elstowband.bandcamp.com/