Collapse Under The Empire - Sacrifice/Low (Finaltune Records) 
Collapse Under The Empire - Sacrifice/Low

Hamburg duo Collapse Under The Empire make music for apocalyptic films and futuristic video games where soldiers fight in robot suits and have pet aliens with laser eyes. Alright, that's not what they actually do but these two songs available as a free download would be perfect for that market. 'Sacrifice' is a six minute epic of guitars without any hope left and beats that puncture the nuclear sky. 'Low', on the other hand, has a little more bite to it and should be the music for the scene where Tom Cruise decides he's going to fight back against improbable odds because he's got nothing left to lose. The guitars swirl and crunch while the atmosphere builds with layer upon layer of melody. These guys know how to set an audio scene alright, stunning stuff.

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