Charity Children - Fare Thee Well (Monkey Records) 
Charity Children - Fare Thee Well

Every time I listen to Charity Children I am reminded of just simple and beautiful music can be. This Ukulele driven ditty features a lyrical adaptation from a 17th Century poem break your heart as this tale of loss and long goodbyes tugs at the heart strings and the tear ducts. 'Fare Thee Well' is a  stunning song but what really sets this apart from the mob is the intriguingly subversive and enthralling video which starts off like an instructional Youtube video on stalking and, if possible, gets a lot weirder. The Berlin based indie folk pioneers are a treasure and I hope they start to get the recognition they deserve for their talents.

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Live Dates:

23rd August - Freifield Festival, Oldenburg
13th September - Taz Panter Preis, Berlin
1st October - Club Stereo, Nurnberg

2nd October - Waves Vienna, Vienna