Cassels - We Wander In The Night/Rinse And Retreat (Grebo Records) 
Cassels - We Wander In The Night/Rinse & Retreat

A while back the two brothers that make up Cassels sent me their demo and it got me very, very excited. They are a duo of noise makers but they had something a little bit special as well which made it all very interesting. This new double-A side single shows some development and I'm undecided whether that's for the good or not. First song 'We Wander In The Night' starts with a cacophony of scuzzed up guitars and cymbals before a choppy, almost punky riff kicks in and suddenly we're off on a 100 mph journey in a beaten up Fiesta. There is bile, there is anger and there is disdain which you would hope for in a pair of young lads out to show the world a thing or two but somehow the hook of their previous songs is missing. 'Rinse And Retreat' has a rolling Queens Of The Stoneage style riff intro that gives way in to a MBV-meets-Pixies-esque wall of guitar noise punctured only by an intermittently pounding drum beat. There is a melody trying to break through but I guess that's not the point as these guys are all about the energy and the lyrical message much like contemporaries Brown Brogues but younger and skinnier. These guys are still trying new things and testing themselves out which is just what they should be doing but I guess the age we live in now means that songs you might find on a dusty demo years later get released via the internet for everyone to judge. Better than most but with a bit of application I think they can do even better.

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7th August - Stag & Hounds, St Philips w/Ghost Of The Avalanche

14th August - Single Launch @ The Garage, London w/Playlounge + Fawn Spots + Joya + Yung Lean