Bi:Lingual - Subject Number 
Bi:Lingual - Subject Number

Take three skinny white boys with a penchant for big, Rage Against The Machine riffs and couple them up with Andre The Giant's nephew who is hell bent on rapping until his lungs dry up and you've got a recipe for a lot of fun. Bi:Lingual are the result of this musical sorcery and the British quartet have a new single out for your enjoyment in the shape of 'Subject Number'. If you remember that brief collaboration between Muse and the Streets then you're close to this level of awesomeness but there is more funk here and more spit behind the vocals that makes this in your face and sexy in equal measure - like getting a lap dance from a militant feminist with daddy issues. There's even a bonkers guitar solo towards the end the gives the drums and bass a reason to take a step back from pounding your senses like a relentless funk machine. More of this please.

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Live Dates:

26th August - The Islington, London
30th August - The Lomax, Liverpool
11th September - Zombie Shack, Manchester

4th October - The Crown, Middlesborough