Bear Vs Rhino - Vulture Song 
Bear Vs Rhino - Vulture Song

OK, here's a tip for you - call your band Bear Vs Rhino, put a couple of grumpy looking vultures on your EP cover and conjure up some ridonculous song titles and I'm probably gonna love you without hearing a note of your music. So, for the music....'Beck Up, Back Up' kicks things off with some furious guitars and, apparently, Mark E. Smith doing an impression of Slipknot singing a Black Keys song. 'Milli80seconds:publicist' (told you) is a little bit dirgy and yelpy but the London trio sound like they're having a ball so who am I to judge?

Track 3 is entitled 'A Letter To My Brother And Sister, Fuck Him, He Doesn't Know What Paracetmol Is'....I'm just going to let that sink in....So the song is basically the sounds of guitars being abused while the drummer tries about three different time signatures to see which one fits best while Carlos spits and rampages like a drunk on a street corner wondering where his shoes have gone. The bass intro to 'If It Looks Dead and If It Smells Dead, It's Probably Fucking Dead' soon gives way to some unbridled guitars and cymbal heavy drums. This abrasive collection finishes up with 'Daisychain' which is somewhere between Reuben and the Fall and that is not a comfortable place to be. But music isn't all about comfort and at least these guys aren't confirming. Bonkers. Bonkers but fun.

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