The Wet Secrets - Nightlife 
The Wet Secrets - Nightlife

Release Date: 7th July 2014

I love nearly everything about this single from Canadian troupe The Wet Secrets. From the press shot of the band in full marching band costume set against the tundra to the marvellously conceived and played out video depicting an aging, lonely vampire struggling to come to terms with the 21st Century, R-Patz take on vampirism. But at the centre of this new found love is the wonderful music contained within five minute single, 'Nightlife'. From the poppy bass and creepy backing vocals to the tight guitar riff and thumping drums, this is as cool as indie gets while retaining a commercial appeal. The Wet Secrets have combined the quirky fun of Talking Heads and the B52s with the indie-pop of Hot Hot Heat, the Zutons and the Killers perfectly. And if you want to see a Robert Pattinson lookalike getting sucked by an old man in a lavatory then the video is a must as well.

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