The Lazlo Device - The Gunslinger EP (The Animal Farm) 
The Lazlo Device - The Gunslinger EP

This EP was released around six weeks ago so I can only apologise for being tardy to the party on this one but this can't go unmentioned or ignored. The Londoners start off with 'Gunslinger' which begins as a delicate but menacing piece of acoustic angst before bursting in to life with a Kasabin-sized swagger and a bass-line sexy enough to turn heads on a crowded street. 'Mantra' is up next and the Dutch Uncles-esque intro is sublime with its edgy, twitchy guitars and syncopated drums while the bass once again sticks it all together. The final track is 'Evocativor' which maintains the menace and mischief of the other two tracks but adds in some sultry organ and something between 80s U2 and a mariachi band - it's odd but it works. There is a creativity and sense of ingenuity to this EP and I'd be interested to see how a whole album plays out...

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