The Hertz Complex - A New Habit EP 
The Hertz Complex - A New Habit EP

Release Date: 14th July 2014

There is a beautifully subdued start to this new EP from London based four-piece The Hertz Complex that completely goes against all the advice industry insiders would give new bands. The gentle bass line and clicking percussion of 'No Control' are sublimely laid back in a Weezer meets the Lemonheads kinda way and it's no surprise when 'Bassy' kicks in and it goes all Pixies on our ass. The soaring guitars, the groovy bass and those laid back drums are all present and correct which is just peachy keen.

On 'Maybe I Know' the bad take in a few influences from the likes of Editors and Feeder to mix in with their US their counterparts as singer-guitarist Neil O'Keeffe does his best Nick Cave impression. 'The Boxer Rebellion' is the final track on this collection and for a song about a Chinese anit-Christian uprising from the late 1800s it's got a pretty impressive groove to it. The Hertz Complex have got something a bit different but equally drawn from some fantastic reference points which makes this altogether rather enjoyable. Bravo.

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31st July - EP Launch @ 93 Feet East, London