The Byzantines - Colourvision EP 
The Byzantines - Colourvision

This latest five track EP from Adelaide rockers The Byzantines is heavily influenced by modern British rock, by the band's own admission, and it really does show. Opening track 'C.F.C. (Colourvision Football Club)' is dripping in Kasabianisms from the edgy, nervy melodies to the wide-legged stance of the vocalist (OK, I can't see the guy but there is no he's singing with such balls without giving his balls some space to move). 'Punch On' has a slightly more electro feel  as the guitars and synths swirl disorientatingly around your eyes while the band find a happy medium between the Verve at their height and U2 in their Zooropa phase.

By the half way point, 'Black Teardrop Woman', The Byzantines are really hitting their swagger stride with the repeated strain of "Sit back, strap in and let the trip begin" swirling around amongst the sitar-esque guitars and thumping drums. 'Cats Got Boots' could be the song that INXS would have gone on to produce if it weren't for that damn orange incident as we get treated to frantic synths intermingling with muted jazz trumpets. The EP finishes up with 'Spaghetti Western' which sounds as you might expect - not quite Muse's 'Knights Of Cydonia' but a good approximation. A lot of people will read the above and already decide that they hate the Byzantines but others will get the fun of this and enjoy the hairy chested, leather clad bravado. Just let yourself get swept up in the testosterone and take the morning after pill tomorrow.

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