Terminal Gods - Cold Life (Heavy Leather Sex) 
Terminal Gods - Cold Life

Release Date: 14th July 2014

Terminal Gods are rewriting one crucial rule about being a big sounding rock band. The idea that you need a big, pounding drummer behind you is now a myth thanks to the drum-machine rock of the quartet. Take new single, 'Cold Life', for example; the huge guitars drone relentlessly on in a hypnotic and enthralling manner that is pitched somewhere between Black Sabbath and Joy Division with a smidgen of Placebo in their element. Aside from the fact they are awesome, Terminal Gods should get a good run as a quality support act purely on the basis of a simple set up and minimal stage space. And they can get all their kit in the boot of a Fiat Panda, which is handy.

More information: http://www.terminal-gods.co.uk/

Live Dates:

16th July - 13th Note, Glasgow w/Dressmaker
17th July - Bnnerman's Cowgate, Edinburgh w/Dressmaker
18th July - Wharf Chambers, Leeds w/Dressmaker
19th July - The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton w/ Dressmaker

25th August - Buffalo Bar, London w/Dressmaker