Technology + Teamwork - Small Victory (Parlour Records) 
Technology + Teamwork - Small Victory

Release Date: 21st July 2014 

Take one XX Teen and one Hot Chip (the band, not the potato variety), put them together  and you have Technology + Teamwork. 'Small Victory' is the new single from the London duo and it's not a million miles from their other musical projects but there is something hypnotically enthralling yet disturbing about the tune. The beats click and whir like a clock shop after hours while the ghoulish vocals float and cackle like clowns in a child's nightmare. Melodies tinkle like a music box being carried on a bike with spokey-dokes as a child laughs either demonically or without a care in the world. This is Little Red Riding Hood with a flick knife and I kinda like it.

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