Stu Whiston - Take A Stride EP 
Stu Whiston - Take A Stride EP 

Release Date: 24th July 2014

I first heard the music of Stu Whiston many years ago and he's been a songwriter of note ever since but he's struggled to find the right vehicle for his talents. However, after various bands and names Mr Whiston has decided to go it alone because if you want a job doing properly then you'd better do it yourself. This three track EP opens up with 'There Was A Time' which has an epic indie feel like the Verve or the Lightning Seeds being produced by the Killers as the rasping guitars cut through the slick indie production. There are slightly Coldplay-esque piano stabs to contend with but the wistful lyrics could appear on a Feeder album and be sung back at a stage with gusto by hoards of adoring fans quite easily.

The second track is 'Dirty Day' which starts off with a Noel Gallagher inspired acoustic riff as strings brood low in the mix and Whiston's northern accented vocals cut through and take you back to the mid 90s and the peak of Britpop hysteria. That's part of the talent of this Staffordshire born troubadour, he takes that style of anthemic indie that so many of us grew up with and puts a modern spin on it which is in evidence as 'Dirty Day' explodes in a blaze of Robbie Williams fireworks and pounding drum beats. 'Not Enough Hours' is the closing track and it begins with some sparse piano for accompaniment as Whiston's voice displays a certain fragility over the indie-ballad melody. I'm pleased to say that there is still a huge amount of talent in Stu Whiston's bones and it is surely a matter of time before the likes of XFM and Absolute radio pick up on him and give him some broader airplay. Great stuff.

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Live Dates:

25th July - Tahiti Rocks, Hanley
16th August - The Quiet Woman, Leek

22nd August - Fullmoon, Newcastle-under-Lyme