Mat Hunsley - Au Contraire (Trellis Records) 
Mat Hunsley - Au Contraire

This tune has been floating around for a while but it's worth taking a moment to stop and give it a mention. Geordie boy Mat Hunsley is an acoustic singer-songwriter which is nothing to write home about these days but what 'Au Contraire' has that the others can't hold a candle  to is tone. Firstly, Hunsley's vocal style has the rich tone of a crooner with the gentle tenderness of a 50s heartbreaker. Secondly, the warm and vibrant tones of the guitar strings is so beautifully defined that each string can be identified and appreciated within the overall melody of the song. This is a simple but truly wondrous song that you would do well to get hold of if you know what's good for you.

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19th September - Think Tank, Newcastle w/The Dunwells + City Of Lights