Saturday, 12 July 2014


Feeds - Indecision 
Feeds - Indecision

Feeds are from Leeds. Feeds. Leeds. That rhymes. Musically speaking this flies in the face of the other bands coming out of Leeds at the moment but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 'Indecision' opens with a big, chunky organ riff before the whole band piles in and I'm suddenly catapulted back to the 90s at a festival where the likes of Dodgy, Toploader, Kula Shaker , Orphic Soop and Livingstone are all playing. This is bouncy, fun indie-pop with a real Brit-pop feel that is hard to resist but if this was the 90s then this would probably be their big hit single and they'd end up playing the likes of events and small festivals that Dodgy and Toploader persistently crop up at these days. It's a little like selling your soul to the devil for 3 minutes of fame - worth it for some but not for others.

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