Coma Coast - Fail Better/Last Song (Parissi La Musique)
Coma Coast - Fail Better / Last Song

There aren't many singles that feature a list of binary code as their opening vocals but this is how 'Fail Better' starts and I, for one, love it. If you imagine Depeche Mode with a New Order face lift and more of a sense of fun then you're getting close to this piece of club pleasing electro-pop. The other half of this new single from the half Venezuelan, half English duo is 'Last Song' which has a more distinctly 90s feel to it. Manchester electro is still in there as a strong influence but the likes of The Beloved can also be heard in the dark corridors of this track between the flashing strobes and gurning dancers. I'm not sure that either of these tracks will be hits in their own right but they are certainly the product of some fantastic decades of electro dance music.

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