Born Crain - Outer Space (GPRecords/Sony/Avex) 
Born Crain - Outer Space

Oooh, Belgian pop, you don't get that every day. Born Crain are a quartet of Belgian boys who are influenced by the likes of Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Frank Zappa and Badly Drawn Boy so you might expect them to be a little on the quirky side. 'Outer Space' starts with a piano riff that Cher might have employed during the 90s before a light male vocal joins in and I'm immediately thinking of the likes of Temporshark or Savage Garden. This is dramatic stuff with a real cinematic quality and I could easily imagine this on the opening credits of a mid-budget sci-fi film like Starship Troopers. Born Crain are certainly polished and accomplished pop songwriters but there's a certain something special missing from this track to really tip it over the edge for me.

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