Weird Womb - Tanned Tits 
Weird Womb - Tanned Tits

What happens if you take the Ramones, Liam Lynch, some Smashing Pumpkins chord progressions and smush it all down in 107 seconds? 'Tanned Tits' by Brooklyn boys Weird Womb is what happens and you might as well just accept it. There is no intro, no fade out, barely a chorus but if you want to hear what a rollercoaster feels like then you might as well get your speakers up as loud as they can go, strap yourself in to a chair facing the speakers and then press play. I'm not going to accept any liability for what happens if you follow those instructions but you're going to feel something one way or another and these days that is nothing to be taken for granted. Blistering, brutal, riff-tastic and energising. If boxers listened to this before a fight they wouldn't even make it to the first bell and someone would be dead. Probably the referee. Ace.

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Live Dates:

4th June - Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia w/Needles & Pizza
7th June - The Grand Victory, Brooklyn w/The Brats
12th June - Silent Barn, Brooklyn
13th June - Church of Boston, Boston w/Doze + Boogie Boy

21st June - 258 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn w/Unstoppable Death Machines