The Watchmakers - Illumination 
The Watchmakers - Illumination

Release Date: 12th June 2014

Psychedelic music is making an understated but definite resurgence at the moment and it's an intriguing genre to make a comeback in the current climate of 24/7 information and Twitterfication of communication. But then again, maybe we all need a little psychedelia now and again just to remind us how big the world inside our mind is, even if the world around us is getting smaller. Mancunian quartet The Watchmakers are hotly tipped talents on the burgeoning psyche scene and new single 'Illumination' makes it obvious why. From the distant, tortured opening guitar strains to the sparkling, intense melodies and then the sunglasses-at-night cool of the vocal delivery. This is the music Kasabian wished they could make and the songs the Velvet Underground would be making if they were around today. Oh, and if you're a fan of Mazarek-esque organs seeping through every pour of a tune then you'll absolutely adore this.

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13th June - Vinyl Launch @ Night & Day Cafe, Manchester