The Sea The Sea - Captives 
The Sea The Sea - Captives

I do like it when bands have a conscious shift in a new direction purely because they want to and, with a new, darker synth strewn sound, The Sea The Sea have made just that shift. 'Captives' is a free download single (that's right, free) which acts as a subtly gorgeous precursor to a new EP that is due later in the year. The tightly plucked guitars, sparse melodies and distant vocals leave this tune in a dark room somewhere on the same corridor as Delphic, Editors, Joy Division and Swim Deep - a pretty cool corridor, huh? According to that their interweb, the band are set to cross the pond from Oxford to the U. S. of A. later this year and I have a feeling this very English indie will earn them a fervent cult following if nothing else.

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Live Dates:

3rd July - The Cellar, Oxford
8th July - Rockwood Music Hall, New York w/Roger Street Friedman + Rachel Ries
4th September - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton

6th September - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, New York