The Rt Hon Kings Of The Cosmos - We're All In This Together Mother Fucker! 
The Rt Hon Kings Of The Cosmos - We're All In This Together Mother Fucker!

Newcastle-upon-Tyne band The Rt Hon Kings Of The Cosmos are men of few words and little internet presence. Their email to me, in its entirety said "Hello, thought you might like this, or maybe not...ta" so I'm kinda hoping that the music speaks to me a little more. This three track EP starts with the fantastically honest 'If I Was In Charge Of The Red Button We'd All Be Dead' which is a scratchy, shaky piece of garage scuzz with a punk ethic and literally not a care in the world about whether you like it or not. 'Half Alive' starts off like a slow dance in the 50s before turning in t a mental, space aged piece of scitzoid-psyche rock with some almost free-form Jazz drumming going almost at odds with the rest of the song. The closing track is the politically charged 'Con-Dem Nation (Apathy In the UK)' which swirls and distorts until the sound disappears down a sink-hole to another Universe. The scary thing is I really don't know what to make of all this noise. It's scuzzy, distorted, garage punk which is all well and good but I can't help but feel there is something missing - what that is I couldn't tell you but whatever it is, it's not quite there. Yet...

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