The Fruitful Earth - The Fruitful Earth EP (Big Peach) 
The Fruitful Earth - EP

London trio The Fruitful Earth are back with their piano infused rock'n'roll that takes in some classic reference points and then gives it a modern twist. This latest 4 track compilation kicks off with the Beatles meets Muse meets Led Zep inspired 'Firebird' which has classical piano tinges with big rock vocals from front lady and ivory tinkler Sarah Blair. 'Honey Bee' has a Joplin feel to it (that's Janice, not Scott) as the time signatures shift and those vocals soar to uplifting heights.

On 'Sometimes You Just Don't Know' the band slow it down a bit but retain that 70s groove that the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Joni Mitchell has such success with. The rippling piano notes are kept in line by the bass groove courtesy of David Gordon and the perfect simplicity of Daniel Mayers' drumming. This is where the song writing shines through and the authenticity of the performance means you don't know if this was produced last week or last millennium which is a rare and beautiful thing. The EP finished up with 'Live It How You Want To' which is a foot stomping, keyboard bashing, head shaking piece of rock'n'roll boogie-woogie that will surely get even the most stifled of parties up and jumping. This is a tune that gives you that opportunity to grab your guy or girl (or both, let's not exclude those bi-sexual polygamists) and show them your best moves in the way nature intended. The Fruitful Earth have got something a bit different here and I can see them getting in to the mainstream through the 20-30 year old market via the 6Music/Jools Holland/Radio 2 market. Cracking stuff.

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12th July - The Garage, London w/Loose Joints